Laftehytter laft hytter og hus i 8 håndlaftet t¸mmer

Laftehytter, hytteprodusent

Lafting av tømmerhytter er en tusenårig tradisjon i Norge og trearkitekturen er fortsatt svært utbredt blant norske hytter. I sitt karakteristiske utseende med kraftig tømmer er dette hyttetypen som helt klart passer best i natur. Vi tilbyr hytter bygget med dyp forankring i den norske tradisjon. Lafta hytter gir livskvalitet. Hytter og hus i 8 håndlaftet t¸mmer, hytteprodusenter bindingsverkhytter håndlaft Elementhytter laft hytte, t¸mmerhus, laftehytte, laftehytter.

Traditional and modern techniques of building

UAB Dolena has been founded in 1996. Previously old fashioned saw mill was turned into log house production company. One decade of intensive work and investments has lead the small company into strong and efficient factory. Now we produce quality timber houses of different types.

UAB Dolena pays a big attention not only to the modern technologies. We tried to assimilate old tradinional ways of building as well. We took the best from holz haus in austria, laft hytter in Norway and of course rastinis namas in Lithuania. This proved us to be a great idea and gave us flexibility and precision in implementing personal wishes of our clients.

Our way of constructing of our houses includes long standing tradition of timber frame construction and log house building. All materials that we use are hand selected to ensure the best quality and strength.

Exclusive and ecological houses

Wood-this unique and, at the same time, the most natural of all material creates a natural atmosphere and lively feeling.

We greatly ensure our clients to be a part of a creation process of the house. This gives cosines and fun for the work we do. A unique and beautiful house is the result of good cooperation with the client.

We can start from a simple sketch made by the customer and turn it into constructional drawing of the house. Different constructions such as wood frame and massive logs can be used together. We guarantee that you will enjoy the result even more because of the feeling that the houseyou’re your ideas and thinking!

Lithuania - good location and production environment

Our company has the factory nearby the Baltic sea, Klaipeda. Lithuania has only 3.7 millions of inhabitants but one of the highest rate of technical staff education in Europe. A good geographical location offers very efficient export procedure to any European or Scandinavian countries. We have very convenient ways of reaching us if you decide to pay us a visit.

Smooth process of construction

We deliver prefabricated building kits of Timber Frame and Logs. Depending on complexity of the structures and building site requirements we choose the most efficient prefabrication level.

Framework structures usually come completed with exterior siding. Log wall construction prior to exporting them are carefully prepared and marked with assembling reference numbers. Afterwards, the building process onsite is very time efficient

Durability, traditionalism, and the natural beauty

Durability, traditionalism, and the natural beauty is a part of all of our homes. Exclusive to you - the outer siding, window and door shapes, room planning, etc. are easily modified to accommodate your standards of living.

Take the opportunity to visit us and share your ideas about your Dream House!

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